It has been several months since your crew with several trucks came and installed our Pneumatic home elevator. Aside from the few initial glitches it has worked perfectly.
The major advantages other than the obvious, is being able to get heavy loads up and down with minimal effort. Luggage, ladders, small pieces of furniture, etc., can now be moved together with my bulk, which has been a problem with bad knees. It can be considered a boon for my wife, who with her COPD and Osteo- arthritis, who can take advantage of the seat.
Sundays have been finding me in a phone call with our daughter and two year old grandson. We do face-time and I’ll suggest we take a ride on the elevator, which he loves. The smooth, almost noiseless ride is surprising. Clear Plexiglas tubular walls, make for very varied views on the way up and down. On the second floor landing we have a large Teddy bear. I pose him in different positions each week with different hats, having the expected whimsical results on Tristan.
I mentioned some glitches in the beginning. What I want to do is thank you for the way you run your business. Most of the time, any problem was handled the same day, if it was at all possible.
Have a happy holiday,

John Parente.

If you need an elevator, Home Elevator of Houston is the place to go. We had one installed two and one half years ago. It looks great and works like a charm. The installers were professional and courteous. The unit was up and working in three days, and we have had no trouble. It runs smoothly and looks like it was made when the house was built. We do have it serviced once a year to be sure it continues to run well. We heartily endorse this company.


Just wanted to tell you and your crew, that I really appreciated the promptness, courtesy and professional response I experienced having my lift installed.


In early 2013 I purchase a PVE 37 elevator from Jay Knapp at Home Elevator of Houston. Prior to our purchase, Jay took my wife and I to visit one of his happy customers who let us check the functionality of their elevator (at that time HEOH had no show room). We were impressed, so I asked Jay to have his contractor (Sergio) install an elevator while the wife and I were away on a trip. When we got back not only was the elevator installed perfectly to our satisfaction, they even left the house nice and clean. (Including door removal & door frame replacement). We had two minor hiccups with the electronics while the elevator was under warranty, but Jay promptly addressed those.
Since then no issues – – we are fully satisfied.

Bert Terry – Registered Professional Engineer

My Experience with Jay’s Company:
1) His quote was competitive with other bids that I got. And, there were no surprise fees.
2) He and his crew professionally handled all aspects of the job. They were courteous and respectful of my schedule. They took great care with my wood floors and cleaned up everything every day.
3) Everything was installed on schedule.
4) The training was very good and I understand all aspects of the elevator operation.
5) Houston requires a permit and he handled all aspects of that process.
My friend hired a different elevator company and her experience was just the opposite. Her experience was so terrible that she fired that company and Jay came in and saved the day for her.


May 29, 2014
Jay Knapp asked me to provide a reference on his company and the pneumatic elevator we had installed in our townhouse last October……
First of all, the elevator itself is outstanding……we have it installed in our entry hall from the ground floor to the second floor where our master bedroom is located….. it is working perfectly and we have not had any issues at all with it…… I injured a leg two years ago and am partially disabled….the elevator is a “God send” for me, and is also great for moving heavy objects that will fit…particularly luggage…… we asked Jay about a service agreement and he said not needed…..we could expect the elevator to work about 35,000 times without any servicing.
The installation was difficult but went very smoothly…… the elevator tube was a bit too large to fit through our front door, so Jay and his associates maneuvered the pieces through our garage and back yard to access French doors in our living room….. the work was all done without any issues…….. his electrical and build out subcontractors were excellent, although the electricians were very sloppy about dust control when they cut through drywall…..I would watch this……..
All in all, Jay and his company have my highest recommendation……..

Tom Nygren

We purchased an elevator from Home Elevator of Houston about a year‐and‐a‐half ago. The bottom line is that we were extremely pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, cleanliness and responsiveness of Jay and his construction and installation teams.
We purchased our three story, six year old home from the original owners. It was reportedly elevator ready, but the shaft had been converted into two closets and a dry bar. During the demolition, we discovered that the builder had run electrical, HVAC ducting and a gas line thru the elevator space.
All had to be rerouted and due to the location and construction of the shaft and our open stairway, it was a complicated situation. Jay and his team devised a solution that did not impact the aesthetics of our home at an additional cost much less than I originally feared when the situation was uncovered.

Mike McKenzie

At the request of Jay Knapp, I am writing to express our complete satisfaction with the residential elevator and related construction. The elevator was exactly as described (but with a long lead time) and the construction process was with minimum inconvenience and no clutter. Each evening, the construction location was immaculately cleaned and sealed off, with no evidence in our home that significant construction was underway.I certainly recommend Home Elevator of Houston.


To Whom It May Concern:Home Elevator of Houston did an extremely professional job installing an elevator in our home, which involved a lot of custom construction. In particular, Jay Knapp’s knowledge of elderly needs was very helpful in the project’s overall design.
Home Elevator delivered exactly what they promised and the entire construction team was very professional. The project took several months and they helped us obtain approvals from our homeowner’s association for this work. Home Elevator delivered the project ahead of schedule and on budget.
I used to be a construction company general manager and I can say without any hesitation that we were and still are very pleased with the work. We highly recommend Home Elevator of Houston.

Lee Byers

We started looking at elevators 2 years ago as we recognized that we needed this due to mobility issues. Most were not practical or affordable. Then an architect friend recommended that we look at the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) from Home Elevator of Houston. Jay Knapp came to our home and worked with our architect and construction person to design an elevator that would fit in the space we had and that was affordable. He and his team did a great job of installing it. They have been very responsive any time we have had a problem (which has been very rare). We have been so happy with our PVE 37 home elevator over the past year. It has improved our lives significantly and was absolutely worth what we paid. We highly recommend Jay Knapp and Home Elevator of Houston.

Mike and Beth

Jay S. KnappPresidentHome Elevator of HoustonDear Jay,
I want to wish you and your staff Happy Holidays. My wife and I appreciate the elevator you provided and installed for us every time we use it. However, as we move our holiday decorations from storage, we especially appreciate the convenience provided by the elevator. Our new multi-level home on Lake Conroe is much more accessible because of the elevator you installed. Although it is quiet and unobtrusive, we are pleased with the added livability it provides in our home for us and our guests. Your technicians professionally completed our installation. We were particularly thankful for your personal involvement in helping us resolved the minor wiring issue caused by our electrician which affected the phone in the elevator. We do not hesitate to recommend your company when we are asked about our elevator.

Gene and Julie Gopon

Jay, I was very satisfied with Home Elevator of Houston. Jay, the owner, saw to it that all aspects of the design were coordinated with the builder. In the end, any issues that arouse while fine tuning the elevator, were promptly corrected and the result has been an elevator with no issues and flawless operation.
Best Regards,

Marco Echeverria

After checking out a few companies and getting quotes, I bought an elevator from Home Elevators of Houston that was installed in June 2013. I was extremely happy with the professional way that it was handled and with the end result. They also service the elevator twice yearly.I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Teresa Ivo

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