Vacuum Elevators

The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator also known as “PVE” offers a full transparent panoramic View without any cables or pistons obstructing your view. The PVE has a self-supporting structure that rests on the floor. Installing a PVE is easier than a Traditional Elevator because no excavation is needed, hostway construction or machine room.


Eco Friendly Elevator
The PVE is the greenest elevator  in the industry and at Home Elevator of Houston you will have at your disposal three sizes  ranging from a single passenger 30”,  two passenger 37” with optional fold-down seat, and a 52” Elevator with three  passenger   capacity  and wheelchair accessibility.

Why choose a Vacuum Elevator?

  • Compact Design: It can be placed virtually anywhere within a climate controlled area utilizing a 360 degree panoramic view.
  • Safe: Vacuum Elevators can’t free-fall. During power outage the vacuum elevator will either sit where it is, or if by chance you’re in it will descend to the bottom floor automatically.
  • Energy Efficient: Zero energy consumption during descent.
  • Price and Value: No need for excavation costs and adds resale value to your existing home.


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Visit our showroom and  experience riding in a Vacuum Elevator. Calls us at (713) 360-7353 if you have further questions.


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May 29, 2014 Jay Knapp asked me to provide a reference on his company and the pneumatic elevator we had installed in our townhouse last October...... First of all, the elevator itself is outstanding......we have it installed in our entry hall from the ground floor to the second floor where o...

Tom Nygren

Jay, It has been several months since your crew with several trucks came and installed our Pneumatic home elevator. Aside from the few initial glitches it has worked perfectly. The major advantages other than the obvious, is being able to get heavy loads up and down with minimal effort. Lugga...

John Parente

If you need an elevator, Home Elevator of Houston is the place to go. We had one installed two and one half years ago. It looks great and works like a charm. The installers were professional and courteous. The unit was up and working in three days, and we have had no trouble. It runs smoothly and lo...


Just wanted to tell you and your crew, that I really appreciated the promptness, courtesy and professional response I experienced having my lift installed. ...

Wilson , Houston, TX.

In early 2013 I purchase a PVE 37 elevator from Jay Knapp at Home Elevator of Houston. Prior to our purchase, Jay took my wife and I to visit one of his happy customers who let us check the functionality of their elevator (at that time HEOH had no show room). We were impressed, so I asked Jay to hav...

Bert Terry - Registered Professional Engineer , Houston, TX.

My Experience with Jay's Company: 1) His quote was competitive with other bids that I got. And, there were no surprise fees. 2) He and his crew professionally handled all aspects of the job. They were courteous and respectful of my schedule. They took great care with my wood floors and cleaned...